Well-Known Blogger Sheds Light on City of Troy

Suzanne Spellen, a lay historian who writes eight times a week about Brooklyn architecture has recently shed some light on the city of Troy, NY. October 2013, Suzanne Spellen wrote a piece in the NY Daily Times about the city of Troy and the many projects that are currently in the works to rebuild the city. Her article showcased new companies, developers, and the enthusiasm that surrounds the city from its supports.

Now Suzanne once again mentions this great city in her latest article issued February 24, 2014 in the New York Daily Times title “Blogger Keeps Focus on Brooklyn Architecture, but Now Mostly From Upstate”

As owners of multiple properties in the city, First Columbia is grateful for the attention this well-known writer has placed over the city. The positive notes and the feeling of growth and worth that Suzanne mentions in both of her articles can only do good things for this city that is making its way back on the map.

To read Suzanne’s full article check it out here in the NY Daily Times